CLIENT: Excelsior Equity Group

DATE: March, 2023

ONLINE: Dodge Corporate Center


  • New Site Build
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Ad Management


Excelsior Equity Group required a dynamic online solution for their newly renovated office building, comprising 35 private office units and shared amenities. The project involved creating a user-friendly website and an efficient Tenant Management Portal to streamline property management and enhance tenant communication.

The development and management of the website and Tenant Management Portal for Excelsior Equity Group revolutionized their approach to property management and tenant communication. The integrated solutions not only streamlined administrative processes but also fostered a sense of community among tenants, contributing to the building's success as a desirable office location. With ongoing support and marketing efforts, the project continues to thrive, reflecting positively on Excelsior Equity Group’s reputation in the real estate market.

Key Challenges

  • Establishing an Online Presence:
    Showcasing the renovated office building and its amenities to attract potential tenants.
  • Streamlining Tenant Management:
    Developing a system for efficient management of tenant information, lease agreements, and maintenance requests.
  • Enhancing Tenant Communication:
    Creating a platform for tenant engagement and community building.

Solutions Implemented

  • Website Development:
    A one-page website designed to attract new tenants and highlight the office building's features, including private office units, conference room, kitchen, and gym.
  • Tenant Management Portal:
    This custom portal was developed to offer various functionalities:
    • Tenant Management: Allows Excelsior Equity Group to manage tenant details and lease agreements efficiently.
    • Conference Room Scheduling: Tenants can book the shared conference room through the portal.
    • Rent Payments: The portal facilitates easy and secure online rent payments.
    • Maintenance Ticketing: Tenants can report issues in the building, opening a ticket directly through the portal.


  • Increased Tenant Attraction:
    The website successfully attracted prospective tenants, showcasing the building's amenities and value proposition.
  • Efficient Property Management:
    The Tenant Management Portal streamlined administrative tasks, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Enhanced Tenant Satisfaction:
    The portal and customer service integration improved tenant communication, resulting in a stronger community feel and higher tenant satisfaction.